28th November 2019

White Christmas

On a cold winter day, Little Rosy cuddled up in her bed as she looked outside through her open curtains.  She was waiting for the snow.  It was Christmas eve and mum had told her it will snow on Christmas day as it had been forecasted.  Rosy believed mum and so was in great anticipation of the coming snow and imagined playing in it with her family.

Just like Rosy, many people desire and wish for a white Christmas.  I wonder what is so special about snow on Christmas day?  It is so difficult walking in snow and driving could even be more dangerous, so why then do people like to have a white Christmas?

I guess it is because of how it looks.  Snow is really beautiful.  The pure white flakes falling from the sky is a delight to look at.  Moreover, when snow settles, it is such a gorgeous sight.

Another good reason for desiring a white Christmas could also be the unvoiced desire in the hearts of many to have their families together with them, at least for Christmas.  When it snows, one would rather stay indoors than go out, unless it is critical.  So many people really ache to have some quality family time which is so rare in modern life.   Many homes have suffered because of the race for excessive acquisitions at the expense of healthy family life. The hearts of many are yearning for their families to be together at least for Christmas, and so if it is the snow that will keep them together, then LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!

Little Rosy had her wish come true.  By the morning of Christmas, all the compound was covered in white pretty snow.  She woke up with delight and of course jumped straight to her presents.  Mum and dad came round and the three cuddled in one big bear hug.  Rosy was the happiest this Christmas because she had both parents with her and there was no rush for anyone to go to work or attend to other “important” things.  It was just family, and it was the best time for Rosy.

Christmas is most beautiful when shared with family.

Lots of love from I Glow Brand

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