Valentines Gift Ideas
28th January 2020

Flow of love and valentines gift ideas from IGlowBrand.

The greatest joys in life are often experienced through giving rather than receiving. 

Many noble people work hard not to lavish the benefits on themselves but so that they can give to their loved ones. 

When you give a gift of love to someone you care about, you feel fulfilled.  Seeing the joy in their eyes as they receive with gratitude, is always a delightsome experience for every giver.  Undoubtedly, it is more blessed to give than to receive {Acts10 :35}. 

The acquisition of wealth without an outlet of giving often tend to be more damaging in the long run.  

Nature emphasises this truth through in diverse ways.  One of such is the essence and nature of the dead sea.  It is called a dead sea because nothing lives in it.  The dead sea is a salty mass of water without an outlet.  It is very salty and has no living thing residing in it. 

One of the reasons why the dead sea has no capacity to sustain life is the fact that it retains everything that comes in and has no outlet to supply some of its waters to other streams or water sources. 

On the other hand, normal rivers and seas are filled with life and freshness because they are not only receivers but also have outlets to supply water to other rivers and streams.  Thus, the resultant effect of this process of receiving and giving is the continues flow of life and freshness.  Indeed, the cycle of receiving and giving is necessary for the maintenance of healthy prosperous living.

Sometimes, it is ok to just turn away from yourself and focus on others.  Your worth, strength and beauty becomes magnified when you share with others.

Valentines Day 2020

On this Valentine’s day, be intentional about reaching out to somebody; make somebody smile, make someone’s life better, touch a life that may never be able to give back to you.  There is a blessing for those who do that.

Open up your outlets and give freely to maintain the freshness and beauty in your life.

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