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22nd January 2020

Love, Sharing, and Giving : The Valentines Day Gifts Concept

Getting all excited about the season?  Here are 4 valentines day gifts tips from I Glow brand to help you choose a gift that says it well

Tips 1: Give a gift from your heart

Genuineness is always felt and perceived.  To make a good statement of love to someone, you can’t beat honesty. 

Phony can always be smelt miles away.  So choose something that is truly from your heart. 

The principle of doing unto others as you want them to do to you never fails. 

Tips 2: Give something that truly reflects the value you place on the person

I am not talking about spending beyond your means but the worth you place on someone is always reflected by what you are willing to give to them as a gift.  

It is not just about the money you spend but the time you take into finding out what they will appreciate, how you present it, and of course the worth of the gift. 

It says much about how much you value the person.

Tips 3: Quality counts.

A gift of value to a loved one means a lot to them and it communicates how much you truly care. 

Choosing something carelessly or finding the cheapest possible item to give to someone doesn’t always communicate worth. 

Even if your budget is limited, always do your best to show you care.  Stay within your means though.

Tips 4: Give willingly and with joy. 

Finally, give freely from your heart.  Never give a gift out of compulsion or frivolously just to impress someone. 

That defeats the Happy Valentines Day Concept which is all about showing and sharing real love

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