28th November 2019

The Best Gift

Christmas is always a wonderful season in many nations.  The atmosphere is often characterised by joy, love, and sharing.  Almost everyone benefits from Christmas – from the little baby to the entire national economy; as they say “there is no better time in business than at Christmas”! 

The feeling of joy and fulfilment experienced through the beautiful act of giving and the excitement of receiving and spending time with family and friend is something everyone looks forward to.  For many, Christmas is the best time of the year.

Amongst the wonders of Christmas are the beautiful decorations of lights, tinsels and the diverse Christmas trees; a delightsome sight for all to enjoy.

Many, especially children wait with eagerness for Christmas day because of the anticipation of receiving their favourite presents.

With all the magic in the air, it is essential not to disappoint your loved ones; therefore, choosing the best gift is always a vital fact to ponder and consider before going shopping. 

Different reasons have pushed people into giving gift cards or cash as presents instead of a well thought of precious gift that is to be treasured and cherished by the recipient.  Though gift cards and cash are good, the gesture of giving is really not cherished for long when the gift comes in this form; after-all, they may not even remember what they spent the money on and thus totally forget about your act of kindness too!  Who wants that?

I strongly believe in giving gifts the old fashioned way.  Give something to be valued, cherished and appreciated.  This will of course require time to think, investigate what the person will want or need and above all the heart of love behind your giving will come through in your efforts. 

Christmas indeed is the celebration of the Greatest Gift given to mankind from God.  His only begotten Son – Jesus Christ.  This was a well thought of plan and a precious Gift with eternal blessings.  Thus, in celebrating this season, we can’t just give frivolously.  I will encourage you to take your time and make the effort to give your best.   If it is work giving, then it is worth giving the best.

When you give from your heart, you will always be fulfilled knowing you gave your best to show your love and care.

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Make this Christmas special by giving a gift to be treasured.

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