28th November 2019

Beautiful Christmas

The Christmas lights shine bright and clear

The décor of tinsels and bubbles brings to light the much longed for beauty and life so clouded by the busy-ness of city life.

Presents and sharing is the norm of this season.  At last, one knocks on a neighbour’s door to drop a card or a box of chocolate.

Food, food, food; all the diet is forgotten for a day or two and we are allowed to indulge ourselves without guilt

Above all, family is recognised and celebrated.  I love this the most about Christmas; that many pause to visit relatives they’ve not seen the whole year or call long distance family and friends just to have a chat for the sake of it.

Celebrating Christmas sparks a joy, love, and bond that reflects somehow the heart of the Father of Lights when He sent His only begotten Son to save mankind. 

Christmas is beautiful and most gorgeous when you share with others

Merry Christmas from I Glow Brand

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