28th November 2019

O Christmas tree

There are many stories and tales behind the Christmas tree.  I really don’t mind which one is true, I just love the Christmas tree!  It is so beautiful and mounting it up with family, decorating it with bubbles, tinsels and light is just wonderful.  Moreover, there are always a couple of ornaments that tell a special story, bringing back beautiful memories and feelings.

Just like those special ornaments on the Christmas tree, wouldn’t it be beautiful if the gifts we give and receive means something to us?  I understand that due to the hectic schedules of many people, there is the tendency to settle for less than the best when it comes to giving Christmas gifts.  This needn’t be.  You can always get some help in choosing the best gifts for their loved ones. 

To minimise the stress of finding the perfect gift, here are 3 things to consider:

  1. Ask the person what they want.  I know that sometimes this could be difficult to do so you could ask a friend or someone close to the person to ask for you.  It is better to get something they want rather than presume and get it wrong.  Taking the time to ask also shows care.
  2. Think about what you want to communicate.  Does your present say it well? Many people buy expensive gifts thinking it communicates something in their hearts but tends to rather mean something totally different to the recipient.  Learn the language of the recipient so you can communicate clearly.  A perfume gift may mean something totally different to different people
  3. Choose a gift you can afford so you can give with joy.  The heart behind your giving always comes through and can be felt so endeavour to give with joy and cheerfulness. 

Why not check out our store for some precious gifts.   All I Glow products are made by inspiration.  A lot of thought and attention is given to it and they are carefully handcrafted with lots of love and care.  Everyone will appreciate our products because they are unique and they communicate love and thoughtfulness. 

Enjoy every bit of this season, it is meant to be fun!

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