16th November 2019

Great day to you all beautiful moms and ladies,

I’m excited to come your way again with yet another weekend beauty tip!

Today we are talking about beauty blotters.
During my training as a beauty consultant, one of the products we learnt about which greatly fascinated me was beauty blotters. This is a light paper-like tissue that is used to blot off excess oil or sweat without messing up the make-up. It also adds on some powder in the process to keep the look intact. Yes, talk about perfection!

It really takes a lot of time and effort to put on a good make-up and hence it is important for every lady to have some beauty blotters in her purse to keep her make-up fresh and flawless all the time. Isn’t this a great idea?

Beauty blotters are of course one of my best sellers because the benefits are simply irresistible. When promoting them, I always advise my customers never to wipe off the sweat or excess oil on their face but simply blot it off with the beauty blotters so as to ensure a lasting perfect look. Wiping off the sweat or excess oil will mar the look but blotting will help maintain a fresh beautiful look for longer!

Thinking about beauty blotters brings this compelling fact about the effects our attitudes and words could have on the people around us. Think about it! How do you react to your children when they make a mistake? What do you say to your husband when he does something you don’t like? How is your attitude towards your friends within your community? Do you know the efforts they have made to reach where they are? Do you know that your negative words or carless attitude could strip a person of all confidence and worth?

I know that people, just like you, make mistakes and sometimes you just have to say something; but before you open your mouth to speak, pause and think about the effect that word(s) would have on the person. Just like beauty blotters, let your words “blot” out the negative but don’t forget to add on some “powder’ so the beauty and worth of the person you are addressing is not stripped off.

Many dreams and potentials have been destroyed because of careless words and attitudes. You have so much power to influence and affect others. Use this positively. Instead of “wiping” out people’s self-worth with negative words and attitude, please change the approach and simply “blot” off the excesses. Use RIGHT words. The Bible tells us to let our words be seasoned with salt and that we should build and not destroy with our words;

“Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.” (Colossians 4:6)

This weekend, don’t forget to take your beauty blotters with you as you go out. Don’t wipe off the make-up, just blot off the sweat and excess oil; in the same way, I’m almost certain someone will do or say something that may warrant a natural negative reaction or words from you but PAUSE and remember to “BLOT” off that excess; don’t wipe them out. It is the excesses you want to get rid of and blotting will do that well with no damaging effects.

Choose right words. Decide to build with your words and attitude. That makes you greater.

Have a wonderful weekend

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