I am love
14th February 2020

I Am Love | Happy Valentines Day

Here in eternal glory
You taste the sweetest of peace

Even lambs hug lions as they walk in harmony on streets of gold

Saints glistening bright abide and greeted with warmth

We turn and here He is. We see Jesus with our eyes…Faith – full – filled.

Here in His presence there is no more pain.

The tears that flowed out of disappointments suddenly dries up.

Hearts are healed from all brokenness and hurts

What’s more, sin’s stronghold is completely broken, in fact sin is no more…
All Hope-full-filled.

So, so, so, at this moment everything comes together.

All makes great sense as in all hope and now by faith you see Him clothed in Light of Kindness and Patience, seated on the throne of meekness, smiling at you

Your heart sinks knowing it is He who bore all for you, believed all, hoped all and endured all

You’re convinced this is the One that Never fails and you’ve seen Him
Love – full – filled

Yet you ask…
Where is God?

This is heaven. So where is God in whom all faith holds and all hope dwells?

But then from the throne, Love taps you, hugs you and whispers in your ear…

I AM Eternal
I AM Love
I AM the greatest of all

By Prince K Wiafe

Happy Valentine’s Day from I Glow Brand

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