happy valentines day
19th January 2020

The Greatest of All is Love – Happy Valentines Day

Wishing you a very happy valentines day in advance! To help you get into the mood, here is something heart warming and some tips and ideas from our team at Iglowbrand to help you have a real Happy valentine’s Day!

There are many values and principles in life that are hailed for their greatness and effectiveness in helping people live a successful life.  These have proven to yield great results indeed and led to much successes in many lives of both individuals and organisations.

Amongst such values and principles are Diligence, Honesty, Integrity, Timeliness, and Hard work.

I agree with all these and I work diligently daily to incorporate such values and principles into my life.  Maximum outcomes and great productivity have resulted as a result of living with these principles and values.  You can’t go wrong working and applying godly and good principles and values to your life.  Hard work done right always produces results.

Notwithstanding, real life experiences of many successful people who have achieved great heights using good principles and values have not always proven to be the ultimate life of joy and fulfilment.  Unfortunately, some successful people end very tragically in ways that tend to be sad indeed.

There seem to be some void and a deep sense of sorrow in the hearts of some very successful people.  What is the missing like?  Are all the wealth and treasures of life not good enough?

I strongly believe that “the force of LOVE” is the missing link! This is because true never fails and it always ends well with those who walk the path of love.

Love undoubtedly is a mighty force. 

Though great skills, values, and attributes have led to great attainments, nothing compares to the conquests of love.  Love always wins.

Celebrating love is a great for many reasons.  Here are just a few reasons to celebrate and pursue love at all cost:

  • Love is an intrinsic need and desire of every heart. It is easy for recognise and available to all to share. We are made by and for love. You do not go wrong loving.
  • Love moves mountains.  The force of love will energise you to do great things.
  • The force of love provides one the fortitude needed to survive challenging circumstances.
  • The force of love will keep you going. When motivated by love, giving up is not an option.
  • Efforts made and motivated by love are all worth it no matter the outcomes.  If you do it because of love, you did it right.

Love is the greatest.  Stir it up in your heart and share it.

The greatness of love is not seen in receiving it but in giving it.

Indeed, there is no love without an object of love.

Love needs to be projected and splashed on another.

Love shares and love gives.

This Happy Valentine Day, show your love by giving the best gift to your loved ones.

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