happy valentines day 2020
13th February 2020

Happy Valentines Day from IGlowBrand with a strong message on “Compelled by Love”

As we approach Valentine’s Day, many people are getting excited about being spoilt with gifts and treats. 

This is so much fun and it is a joy to show loved ones how much you value and love them by making Valentine’s Day a memorable day for them. 

Let’s talk about LOVE.

“13 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” (1 Cor 13:13)

Love in every sense towers above all other virtues in life. 

Love indeed is the greatest of all.

In all our endeavors and pursuits of life’s achievements, many may be motivated by many things such as fame, significance, wealth, comfort, popularity, pleasing others, and other similar factors. 

These are often not enduring enough because the path towards greatness is littered with many mountains to climb, obstacles to overcome, and barriers to break. 

The above motivations and drive, are simply not strong enough to overcome these certain road blocks to success. 

Thus, though one may push one’s self to reach one’s goals, they may arrive with many wounds in their hearts and marred with unsightly scars of pride, hate, fears, and emptiness. 

I don’t think this is the best way to go.  There is a better way; the way of LOVE.

When love is your motivation and drive in life, your outcomes are not only triumphant but rewarded with great joy and fulfilment. 

The path of love is the path of peace. 

Love will always do it right.  Though it may take longer and suffer long, there is the certainty of victory with love.

Love will give you the strength to push in the face of your greatest challenges, and in doing so, love will keep your heart free from all bitterness and strife.

Love will enable you endure as you keep your eyes fixed on the glorious end.

Love will help you bear with difficult and challenging people and situations as you pursue your goals.

Moved with love, you choose the right path.

When compelled by love, the price required for your victory is never too much for you;

For you consider that the joy of your beautiful end is nothing compared to your present necessary discomforts of the journey.

And when motivated by love, you can stick with it till you see it happen.

Love is simply the greatest.

You’ve got it if you are a child of God; the Greater One who lives in you is Love; more so, His love is shared abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit dwelling and working in you.

Partner and agree with Love and you will never fail because Love never fails!

Choose LOVE today

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Thanks for choosing I Glow Brand

Lots and lots of Love from I Glow Brand

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