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6th February 2020

Great Hair Day with I Glow Girls Hair Accessories

Can’t touch my hair. She exclaimed. ‘It took ages to get this done’.  Ok, sorry, I was just admiring your new hair style’, I said. 

Every girl will fuss about their hair.  Well, why not?  Your hair is your glory after all.  You’ve got to take care of it.

As different and unique as we all are, so is our hair in texture, colour, and style.  Some have dark brown, black, brunette, blond, and much more hair colours.  Some were their hair, long, short, shoulder length, half short and half long, big Afro, and some have it totally down.  I love them all.

My favourite about handling hair is that no matter the style in which you wear your hair, you can always enhance the look with some I Glow Vintage Girls Hair Accessories. 

I will now share 3 ways to add a touch of glam to your long, medium, and short hair style.

  1. For long straight hair, sweeping it to the side always gives it a neat elegant look.  Add a medium or small I Glow Floral Girls Hair Accessory just behind your ear.  You will just love this gorgeous look.

Or, Brush the hair all the way to the back.  Sleek it down with some good hair jam or gel.  Add I Glow Vintage Bow Girls Accessory to the side to complete your most elegant look.

For those who want to hold their hair up, you can totally transform your look with one of our I Glow Crinoline or Sinamay Girls Hair Accessories.

Long curly hair looks fabulous for every occasion.  Add I Glow Vintage Floral Girls Hair accessories to the side and all eyes will be on you.

  1. Medium hair styles such as bobs or shoulder length straight hairs are so fabulous and unique.  Add a touch of glow to your bob /medium haircut, by adding I Glow Girls Accessories – Floral or Bow clip.  There is a range of colours to choose from.  You can wear it simple or just go bold with one of our Vintage Handmade Hair Accessories.  You can’t go wrong with our unique designs.
  2. I love short hair.  I find it easy to manage though I tend to vary my hair styles as you can now have them any how you want; either short or long or medium at will; you just have to order one for yourself. 

For short hair styles, choose one of our uniquely designed statement Girls Hair Accessories and you will be completely transformed into that fabulous elegant lady. 

The beauty of going with our Vintage Girls Hair accessories is that even if you are having a bad hair day, it gives you good coverage so you won’t worry about your hair. 

With I Glow Girls Hair Accessories, you can always have a good hair day even if they ‘touch your hair’.

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