16th November 2019

How do you feel when someone gets you a gift that you don’t like or can’t use? My natural reaction would normally be ‘if only they gave me the money’ or ‘why didn’t they just ask me what I wanted!’

Many things and of course any nice item can be a great gift if that is what the person wants. The difficulty is that,it is not always easy to get it right unless they tell you what they want, which could also often spoil the fun of giving them a surprise gift.

For ladies however, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Some items are peculiar and individualistic but when it comes to giving accessories as gifts, it is hard to get it wrong because a good accessory always comes in handy for every lady.

There are many fashion accessories out there but a lady always wants to stand out. I totally get this. Why should you look like everyone else? You are unique after all!

Getting distinct accessories can some times put people off because it seems that costs of unique accessories are always very high. Well, it doesn’t have to be so now. I Glow products are unique, rare, and distinct, yet, they are very affordable.

Want to know more about making the most of your accessories for the perfect look?  Here are 3 tips on how to show you how to do just that.

1. Get some accessories in a wide range of colours and designs! I Glow has different sizes and unique designs of hair accessories, brooches and much more. Some of them are made duo – style so you can wear them in different ways; this is definitely convenient.2. Invest in many simple clothes! Great looks don’t always have to be expensive. A little shrewdness is recommended for a lady who wants to present herself well all the time. Also invest in some simple shoes as well. You can totally transform them with some of our elegant shoe clips.

3. Now get to exploring! You can wear them in a minimalistic style or go all out. The occasion will normally advice on how to wear your accessories. I Glow accessories puts you in charge; you can create your own style and stand out in your own unique way.  You really can’t get it wrong with I Glow Fashion Accessories! Follow me for more tips

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