Welcome to I Glow Custom Bespoke Designs.

This is a range of our unique I Glow Handmade Designs Exclusive to I Glow Brand. Choose from our range request your own unique design for your special occasion

Browse our range of unique bespoke designs custom made for the occasions.

Every item is hand designed and crafted by I Glow Brand. 

The best quality fabrics and materials are used to create the best designs as requested by the customer.

We work very closely with our customers ensuring they are satisfied with the finished product.  

Giving you a personal touch is important to us so we work hard at designing to suit your personally.  Tweaking designs slightly to make it unique to you is welcomed by our team.  

We involve our customers in the process of designing.  The customer can choose their own colors and preferred style.  We work together with customers offering advice on the best options and choices available to them.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us and so before finalizing designs, the customer would get to check it and sign it off first before finishing off the product.

I Glow brand is proud of the reputation of quality and unique beautiful products we have produced.  Customers have offered positive feedback and preferred us to other individuals and organisations

Our Bespoke Services are offered to both individuals and organisations. 

We have designed for individual weddings such as displayed in the portfolio.  We have also designed and made unique accessories for mother of the bride, wedding guests, and other special occasion accessories. 

Many mothers have ordered have also ordered bespoke hair clips, headbands, and other accessories for their children.  We design to suit their individual needs.  

I Glow have also designed for many groups such as church choirs, ushers, greeters, and other organisational teams.  

Creating and designing is always fun for us.

Please use the contact form to request your bespoke order and a member of our friendly team will contact you shortly

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